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Monel® 400 Series Products

Lester Metals offers premium Monel® 400 Series products including foil, sheet, plate and bar in rolls slit to your specifications and cut to length in sheets. The thickness or gauge of the material is what determines whether it is called foil, sheet or plate. Monel foil is in a thickness range from .0005" to .0079". Monel® sheet is in a thickness range from .008" to .0125". Monel® plate and bar are in thickness ranges from .0125" to 5.00".


We offer high quality and fast shipping on both large and small quantities of Monel for many applications including aerospace, automotive, building products, manufacturing and research and development.


0.0005" to 5.00"

400, 401, 404, R-405

We offer high quality and fast shipping on premium Monel products in a variety of thicknesses and sizes for many applications including:

Annealed, 1/4, 1/2 Hard,  3/4 Hard,

Full Hard

.100" to 36"

All Nickel Products  

3" to 20"

2" to 144" (Applies to cut-to-size sheets only.)

Compared to steel, Monel® is very difficult to machine as it work-hardens very quickly. It needs to be turned and worked at slow speeds and low feed rates. It is resistant to corrosion and acids, and some alloys can withstand a fire in pure oxygen. It is commonly used in applications with highly corrosive conditions. Small additions of aluminum and titanium form an alloy (K-500) with the same corrosion resistance but with much greater strength due to gamma prime formation on aging. Monel is typically much more expensive than stainless steel.


Monel® alloy 400 has a specific gravity of 8.83, an electrical conductivity of approximately 34% IACS, and (in the annealed state) a hardness of 65 Rockwell B. MONEL® alloy 400 A nickel-copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of media including sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and alkalis. Used for marine engineering, chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, fasteners, and heat exchangers.


MONEL® alloy 401 A copper-nickel alloy designed for specialized electrical and electronic applications. It has a very low temperature coefficient of resistance and medium-range electrical resistivity. Used for wire-wound precision resistors and bi-metal contacts.


MONEL® alloy 404 Composition of this alloy is carefully adjusted to provide low Curie temperature, low permeability, and good brazing characteristics. Because its low permeability is not significantly affected by processing and fabrication, the alloy is particularly suitable for electronic parts. It can be fabricated by the same procedures used for MONEL alloy 400. The alloy can be joined to itself by the gas tungsten-arc welding process without the addition of filler metal.


MONEL® alloy R-405 The free-machining version of MONEL alloy 400. A controlled amount of sulfur is added to the alloy to provide sulfide inclusions that act as chip breakers during machining. Other characteristics are essentially the same as those of MONEL alloy 400. Used for meter and valve parts, fasteners, and screw-machine products.


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